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To celebrate Social Prescribers Day on Thursday the 9th of March, the YOURhealth Health and Wellbeing Connector and Adviser Service will be hitting the road connecting with communities all over the East Riding. Social prescribers help people in non-medical ways that can help improve your health and wellbeing. This could include situations causing stress such as the cost of living, fuel poverty, debt and housing to help improve your wellbeing including things such as connecting people with debt organisations or grants, taking up a new hobby, connecting with community groups or simply finding places to make new friends.

The team can be found all week in the following communities:

6th March 2023

  • Hornsea hub 9am – 2pm with Nathan, Kodi and Andy
  • Goole courtyard 9am – 2pm with Sarah, Angela and Fee

7th March 2023

  • Beverley children’s centre 1pm – 4pm with Senaka

8th March 2023

  • Bridlington friend’s Association 9am – 1pm with Andy & Nathan
  • Beverley leisure centre 9am – 1pm with Senaka
  • Sainsbury’s Hessle 9am – 12pm with Vicky

9th March 2023

  • Cottingham Market 9am – 11am with Vicky & Angela
  • St Nicolas Church Beverley 10am – 12pm with Alistair
  • Beverley library 12:30pm – 3pm with Alistair
  • Ilkestone community centre, Goole 12:30pm – 3pm with Vicky & Angela
  • Driffield market 9am – 4pm with Andy & Nathan
  • Acorn community shop, Market Weighton 10am – 4pm with Loretta & Paula

What is social prescribing?

Social prescribing helps with non-medical issues that can impact on a person’s health and wellbeing. Issues that can effect your health include financial concerns, loneliness and isolation, bereavement or even activities that can help enhance your health and wellbeing like joining the local fitmums running group or joining a local choir. Social prescribers specialise in knowing what services there are to help and how you can connect with them. Social prescribers listen attentively while you share your concerns and then connect you with services best placed to meet your needs.

Social prescribing helps with:
Emotional and practical support. Sometimes when things get on top of you, you cannot se the wood for the trees and do not know where to turn. Social prescribers will help you to make better sense of your situation, start to help you to organise what actions to take and support you on your journey connecting with the services that can help you the most.

Social prescribing helps you:
Live the best life you can. Sometimes just having someone genuinely listen to where you are at, with no judgement and lots of compassion can already help to sooth the situations you find yourself in making you feel valued, heard and understood. With new found confidence maybe you would like to join some local groups and start to feel more involved in the community. You might like to take up a volunteering role to help others in times of need. Maybe you might just like to sing from the roof tops at the local singing group. Social prescribers help you live your best self.

Social prescribing helps:
Take the pressure off of the NHS. An estimated one fifth of G.P appointments are taken up with non medical issues that can take up a lot of time. Social prescribing also helps take pressure off the NHS because we can help you in ways that makes positive contributions to your health leading to happier, healthier lives.

Social prescribing….. Works!!

How do I get a referral?

With YOURHealth you can self refer right now either through our contact us page or our freephone number (0800 9177752). You will connect with our team who will then look to book you in for your first session. You will also see the team out and about celebrating Social Prescribing Day from the 6th – 11th March. The team will be covering a large area of the East Riding and we would love for you to come and meet us!